Sunday, 16 October 2011

HCI (a lil bit of info)

-Human–computer interaction (HCI) is the study, planning and design of the interaction between people (users) and computers.
-It is often regarded as the intersection of computer science, behavioral sciences, design and several other fields of study.

-HCI Design Approaches
Eberts (1994) [1] describes four Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) design approaches that may be applied to user interface designs to develop user-friendly, efficient, and intuitive user experiences for humans. These four approaches include the Anthropomorphic Approach, the Cognitive Approach, the Predictive Modeling Approach, and the Empirical Approach. One or more of these approaches may be used in a single user interface design.

note : apply method HCI kat FYP huuhhuhhu.....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More FYP : Found Current System

System : FIBA Live Stat
Owner : FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
Sport : Basketball

Decsription :
-well use in Malaysia
-not in NBA
-test system
-find modal use

note : ini utk 10/10/2011

Blog Purpose : FYP (mari tgk.......)

My FYP : Sport Analysis (draft only)


Sport Definition
-Sport form of physical activities and non physical
-May be competitive
-Winer identified by certain objective mean
-Required degree of skill

-breaking complex topix to gain better understanding
-use certain method and technique of mathematic and logic

Sport Analysis
-By using analysis method in sport, we will be able to measure the performance
 of the team and make prediction on what will happen during the game time.

note : ini utk 3/10/2011